Cover Of The Week: Going To California by Amy Lee

Posted: December 7, 2015 in Cover Of The Week
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For those of you out there that have been wondering just what in the world has Amy Lee been up to then never fear cause I have some sort of an answer for you. Amy Lee apparently has been busy recording a solo EP that she expects to release sometime in the future. She recently unveiled some covers that she did like U2’s With Or Without You, It’s A Fire by Portishead, and today’s Cover Of The Week in the Led Zeppelin classic Going To California. Amy had this to say about her love for the track, “This song is a classic that I’ve loved for as long as I can remember. It puts me at peace.” She added after a performance with her band Evanescence, “It’s a pleasure to sing a song publicly that is such a part of who I am offstage – my roots, the style of music that we always played around my house when I was growing up, and still at every big family gathering, singing and playing music with my dad.” Amy has quite the voice and one that is perfect for covering Led Zeppelin. Check it out and judge for yourself.


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