For this week’s cover of the week, we have two of my favorite things about metal in one post with one being Corey Taylor being one of my favorite vocalists of today and the second being Motley F***ing Crue. Stone Sour promised fans they would deliver a series of EP’s that were all covers of songs that the each member of the band loved. The first EP Meanwhile In Burbank… was released back on Record Store Day in April of 2015 with the second EP Straight Outta Burbank released on Record Store Day last month. The second EP sees the band covering everything from Slayer, Bad Brains, to Iron Maiden. The EP also features today’s cover of the week which is from Motley Crue in the title track from the band’s first album Too Fast For Love. Corey Taylor does an amazing job in the song not only doing it his way with his vocal style, but he also hits some high notes on the track as well. The band also does an amazing job of updating the sound of the track to the degree that it’s heavier than the original. After you’re done checking out this one, check out some of the other tracks on the EP.


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