kevin hart.pngFor today’s Tuesday Stand U special, I picked a special from Kevin Hart who is one of the hottest comedians today and I haven’t covered him yet. In 2011, Kevin Hart released the Stand Up comedy movie Laugh At My Pain which can remind people of the good old days of Richard Pryor or Eddie Murphy. The film is very unique to what I am used to covering because the first part of the film is a documentary of Kevin showing us where he came from in Philadelphia and how he made it on the scene. The next part of the film is the actual stand up special that was taped at The Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. In the comedy special, Kevin gets personal as he covers topics ranging from athletes, Dwayne Wade, why he doesn’t hang with them, Mekhi Phifer, Credit Cards getting declined, pitbull puppies, having a coke head dad, a fresh out of jail Spongebob, cousin Al, Uncle Richie, being a pallbearer, going through a divorce, safety words, talking dirty, dance battles, and so much more. The third and last part of the film is a special short that he provides called The Plastic Cup Boyz.

laugh at my painI wasn’t sure going into this whether I was a fan of his stand up even though I liked his films. I have to say that after watching the stand up part of the film, Kevin Hart is hilarious and it’s because he knows how to take things from his personal life and make it funny. One of the funniest parts of the comedy special is when he talks about his father. That is some of the funniest material that I have ever heard. He describes all the crazy things that happened in his life and his fathers unique mannerisms. The documentary part of the film is actually pretty good as well, but it’s your typical documentary where he goes to his old neighborhood. The only part that is unique is that at first he jokes and makes it look like he’s not that important of a person in his old neighborhood. The short film at the end of this film is a parody of the film Reservoir Dogs where Kevin and his crew get ready to rob a bank even though nothing goes right. Taraji P. Henson (The Karate Kid) and Larry King make an appearance in the short. I am going to give this special an A for a final grade.



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