Queen-AudiofemmeI am going to start this post off by saying that there is no one anywhere that is greater than Freddie Mercury in the rock world. That is a statement that I am willing to die with because it’s true. I am surprised that after probably 140 plus albums, that I have never covered a Queen album for the blog so I am doing it now. I decided that I was going to cover one of my all time favorite Queen records in A Night At The Opera which was released on November 21, 1975 marking the 40TH anniversary of the album this year. The band which was made up of Mercury (Vocals), Brian May (Guitar), Roger Taylor (Drums), John Deacon (Bass), and the album was produced the by the legendary Roy Thomas Baker as well as Queen. The album did phenomenally well around the world which included it peaking at number four on the Billboard Top 200 charts, number 1 in the UK, New Zealand, Holland, and Australia as well as peaking at number 2 in Canada. The album has gone three times platinum (3,000,000 copies sold) in the United States and an estimated million plus world wide.

a-night-at-the-opera-ukcd1994back1. Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To…)– Freddie Mercury’s hate letter to his former manager starts off like their is about to be madness, but then it calms and turns into a killer rock song. 5/5

2. Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon– An old time piano riff where Freddy had recorded all the vocals for this track with the lead vocals recorded through a tin can to give that megaphone effect with the lead guitar recorded on the lead vocal track because they ran out of tracks. 4/5

3. I’m In Love With My Car– A track that was written and sung by drummer Roger Taylor that Brian May thought was a joke when he first heard the demos. The track does have a pretty cool guitar track to it which was originally written by Taylor and re-recorded for the album by May. 4/5

4. You’re My Best Friend– This was the first single off the album that was written by John Deacon for his wife as he played a Wurlitzer Electric Piano on the track which Mercury supposedly didn’t like. The track is very light, fun to sing along with, and it was a top ten hit. 5/5

5. 39– Brian May sings this track which was basically his attempt at writing a Sci-Fi styled track with Mercury and Taylor providing the backing vocals. The track has a very acoustic blues style to it. 4/5

Queen_1975_A night at the opera_66. Sweet Lady– This a distortion driven rocker that May wrote in a 3/4-meter style with the 4/4 coming in the bridge. 4/5

7. Seaside Rendezvous– Another piano old ragtime styled song written by Mercury with Taylor and Mercury performing a mock instrumental with their voices as they imitate clarinets, Kazoos, tubas, etc. The duo even performs a tap dance segment on the mixing board with thimbles on their fingers. 4/5

8. The Prophet’s Song– This was a track written by May after a dream he had while recording Sheer Heart Attack about a major flood and it’s a pretty dark and bad ass prog rock track. 5/5

9. Love Of My Life– This is one of the most articulate and treasured songs that was written by Mercury who wrote the track for his girlfriend at the time Mary Austin. Mercury plays a beautiful piano part which includes a classical solo while May plays the Harp as well. 5/5

10. Good Company– This track was written entirely by May and sung by him as well which includes him playing a aloha ukulele on the track. 4/5

11. Bohemian Rhapsody– Do me a favor, if you’ve never heard this classic track then go listen to it cause it’s one of the greatest rock songs ever written. The track starts with the classical part with everyone harmonizing with Mercury singing before it launches into the hard rock version of the song. This track was pure brilliance and has often been imitated, but never duplicated. 5/5

12. God Save The Queen- This was May’s cover of the English National Anthem. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– One thing that I am going to say is that you can’t go wrong with any Queen record since Mercury and company are some of the most talented men in rock. You can take your pick from any album the band came out with and you’ll enjoy what they created. It’s sad that Freddie has been gone, but he left a legacy that will sure endure into the future. Check it out for yourself cause I am giving this record 4.3 stars out of five for a final grade.


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