22 jump streetI know what you’re thinking and it’s what did you choose for this week’s Ass Whoopin Wednesday film. The only response I can give you for choosing 22 Jump Street is that I love the film and sometimes you have to think outside the box.  In the sequel, Jonah Hill (Superbad) and Channing Tatum (Magic Mike) return as Schmidt and Jenko, but this time things are very different for the dynamic duo. The guys can’t get accustomed to being regular cops so they are put on another mission for Jump Street, but this time they are going to college. There is a drug going around MC State called WYFY and the guys have to infiltrate and find the supplier before it spreads. The film also stars Ice Cube (Boyz N The Hood) as Captain Dickson, Peter Stormare (Pain & Gain) as Ghost, Wyatt Russell (Cowboys & Aliens) as Zook, Amber Stevens West (The Amazing Spider-Man) as Maya, Jillian Bell (The Night Before) as Mercedes, Nick Offerman (Parks And Recreation) as Deputy Chief Hardy, Jimmy Tatro (Grown Ups 2) as Rooster, Craig Roberts (Neighbors) as Spencer, Marc Evan Jackson (Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen) as Dr. Murphy, and the film was directed by Phil Lord (The LEGO Movie) and Christopher Miller (21 Jump Street). Before we get into the review of the film, lets check out the stats:

22 jump street stats











22This is one of my favorite action/comedies of 2014 and it won the Monster Entertainment Award for Comedy Of The Year last year. I’ve been into doing tag teams as far as stats are concerned because tag teams are a lot more fun. We are going to start with Channing Tatum who is the action guy of the two with a flair of comedy as he garnered up nine kills/knockouts in the film. I am going to answer this next one for the both of them so I don’t have to repeat myself, but if you want an origin story then check out 21 Jump Street (or just wait for me to blog about it later). Channing has no love interest in the film, but he has to juggle two bromances. I am also going to answer these next two for the both of them in saying that the only one that gets hurt is the captain when he’s shot in the foot and the bog boss is defeated (it’s pretty epic). Now as far as Jonah Hill’s stats are concerned, he only has 1 1/3 kills/knockouts and that is because one of them he his helped by both Ice Cube and Amber Stevens West. Unlike Tatum, Hill’s character has a love interest and someone other than Tatum is really pissed about the fact that there was a sexual conquest. This was one of the best sequels released in a very long time and I have always said if you’re going to do one then do it right. I love the little things that they throw in that people usually won’t pick up like Benjamin Hill School Of Film (Benny Hill) and other things as well. There is action in the film when it’s needed and plenty of laughs when needed so check it out. I am going to give the film four and the half fists out of five for final grade.


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