Countdown To Christmas 2015: Day 1: Just Me In The House By Myself

Posted: December 17, 2015 in Movie Review
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We are back with another edition of Countdown To Christmas and we are a little late seeing as their is only nine days (including today) left until Christmas Day which means nine gifts from me to you. Last year, we covered all music that had to do with Christmas, but this year we are branching out a little bit. Macaulay Culkin was back on the news feed on Facebook for a new thing that he is apart of here it looks at his famous Home Alone character of Kevin McCallister in Just Me In The House By Myself. The film explores the fallout of the events of that night 25 years later and it’s awesome. It’s the first episode of a webseries called DRYVRS and it’s great. Culkin shows up to pick up a passenger when he admits that he can’t drive. Not to worry because the passenger volunteers to drive and after a comment taken the wrong way, Culkin indulges on the week he was left home alone. I won’t spoil the rest of it because it gets weird towards the end, but I loved it. I have to say that Culkin looks good and a lot better than he did in the past. I hope that this means that we’ll see a lot more from him in the future. The episode was directed by Jack Dishel and Kerry Harris.  Check it out below:


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