One of the things I wish Disney and Marvel would do in the future would be to make a Howard The Duck film because I love the character. The film that was released in 1986 with Lea Thompson (who actually sang on the tracks), Tim Robbins, and Jeffrey Jones gets a lot of crap for being “Cheesy”, but this is one of my favorite movies from my childhood. Yes it has it cheesy moments, but that is what was fun about it. Anyways for today’s Soundtrack Saturday songs, I chose the title track that was written by Thomas Dolby and George Clinton and performed by Dolby’s Cube. Dolby’s Cube was basically a group of musicians that Thomas Dolby would perform with and Lea Thompson performs the vocals on the track with Joe Walsh performing the guitars. The song is catchy and features all the elements of what made the 80’s so great with keyboards, synthesizers, and catchy power chords. Check it out below and rock out with Howard The Duck!!!


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