Countdown To Christmas 2015: Day 6: A Christmas Cheers by Iron Maiden

Posted: December 22, 2015 in Music
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a christmas cheersFor today’s Countdown to Christmas, we have a very special video for all of you from one of the biggest metal bands in history. There is only 4 days left (that’s including today) and Iron Maiden have unleashed a cool gift to all their fans to help celebrate the fact that 2015 was a great year. The band’s latest record Book Of Souls was a huge success so the band recorded a song and a video to help celebrate the Christmas season with A Christmas Cheers. In the animate video, the Book Of Souls Mayan Eddie isn’t familiar with Christmas, but he is soon taught by all the different Eddie mascots of the past when they all show up. Artist Val Andrade helped create the video for the band which even features they saying happy holidays in many different languages as well and expect to see the band live in 2016 too. Check out the video below and celebrate the holidays with the Eddies.


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