f is for familyNetflix has really outdone themselves once again and it’s not just in the stand up category, but when it comes to Netflix original series. This month the online service unleashed a brand new animated series that was written by comedian Bill Burr called F Is For Family which also features the voice of Bill Burr as the head of the household named Frank. The show follows Frank and his family made up of his wife Sue (Laura Dern), and his kids Kevin (Justin Long), Maureen (Debi Derryberry), and Bill (Haley Reinhart) as this lower middle class family just tries to survive without completely killing themselves. You see Frank is like the supervisor of baggage handlers for his airline Mohican Airways. He’s trying to balance out a potential strike that could ruin his life and the difficult challenges of raising difficult kids and a wife that wants to work in the 1970’s. The show also features the voices of Sam Rockwell (Seven Psychopaths), Kevin Michael Richardson (The Cleveland Show), David Koechner (Anchorman), Kevin P. Farley (2gether), Gary Cole (Office Space), and many more.

fThere are only six episodes to a season, so you have to take the time to check out this show. If you are a fan of Bill Burr’s stand up comedy which I am, then you will love this show because a lot of it is based off his stand up. This isn’t an animated show that you can watch with your kids because it’s for adults and it features a lot of language, but we love it. The one thing about this show that I love the most is continuity within the episodes and I say that because there is that in this show. If something happens in episode one, it carries over to episode two and so on and so forth. It bothers me when shows do that cause I like to see continuity. I am trying not to spoil anything for you guys, but this show has it all. The family feels relatable to me and their issues are totally relatable. You feel like you understand all of the trouble that Frank is going through on a daily basis. I really love this show and I hope for a season two and a longer season. Please Netflix, announce that you will make season two of F Is For Family.


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