march or dieThis week, we learned of the tragic loss of one of rock and metal’s biggest icons in Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead. A man that stood up for what he believed in and didn’t care if you didn’t like it. To honor the passing of Lemmy Kilmister, we are covering a Motörhead album for this week’s album of the week. The daunting task was figuring out which album I wanted to cover considering the band had released 22 of them over the 40 years they had been around. You see I have already covered the albums Overkill and Ace Of Spades for the blog so I wanted to choose something later on down the band’s career and I stumbled on March ör Die which was the band’s 10TH studio album released in 1992. The band had kinda been on a hot and cold streak as far as album sales were concerned and they had been constantly battling record companies before the release of the album. In 1991, Lemmy had some big success as he wrote four songs for Ozzy Osbourne and his smash record No More Tears. That gave Lemmy the confidence to move forward in the 1990’s and he did so with March ör Die which featured Phil Campbell (Guitar), the late Würzel (Guitar), the late and great Lemmy Kilmister (Lead Vocals and Bass), and three different drummers. Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor, Tommy Aldridge, and Mikkey Dee all played drums on the album.

Motorhead-March_Or_Die-Trasera1. Stand– The album starts off with big riffs in this rock and roll commercialized track from the band in a track that is all about no matter what happens, you have to be tough and march on. 4/5

2. Cat Scratch Fever– Lemmy’s cover of the Ted Nugent classic and I like it because the track is a little heavier than the original and more primitive sounding. 5/5

3. Bad Religion– The track starts off with that signature hard chargin Motorhead styled riff before the riff gets bigger like a locomotive train in a track that is Lemmy’s cry out against religion. He’s not afraid of Satan or God because they are used is to manipulate people. 4/5

4. Jack The Ripper– an in your face, fast paced rocker in a track about guess who? That’s right Jack The Ripper. 4/5

5. I Ain’t No Nice Guy– An interesting change in tempo, but it’s something we would become accustomed to as Lemmy shows his lighter side. The track also features Ozzy Osbourne providing additional vocals and Slash providing some additional guitars. This is also the only track o5/5

Motorhead-March_Or_Die-CD6. Hellraiser– This is basically Motorhead’s version of the track that Lemmy co-wrote with Ozzy and Zakk Wylde that first appeared on No More Tears, but this versions bass riff is more prevalent than the Ozzy version. This is also the only song to feature Mikkey Dee on drums. 5/5

7. Asylum Choir– Another hard charging rock and roll track from the band in a track about people driving you into a deeper insanity or at least that is what I got from it. The guitar solos in the track are awesome. 4/5

8. Too Good to Be True– Another rocker from the band that has a little flare of Bomber in it and it showcases their ability as they were often typecasted as a speed metal band. The song seems to be about a man who has lost the love of his life and is having trouble moving on from it. 4.5/5

9. You Better Run– This is the other track on the album that features Slash on guitar as well and I love it because it has a real slow, dirty, blues feel to it like Bad To The Bone. The track was later re-recorded for the Spongebob Squarepants Movie as You Better Swim. 4/5

10. Name In Vain– a faster paced blues tinged rock and roll song about a guy who is sick and tired of always being the center of someone elses’s problems. There’s a breakdown in the song at one point that gets really bluesy and the volume almost seems lowered until it explodes right back in. Love it 4/5

11. March ör Die– The title track on the album is also the last song on the record. The track when it starts almost sounds like a million soldiers marching with a looming riff over them in this battle anthem. It’s also a track that explores social issues like war, education, and so on and so forth. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– Allmusic gives the band a lot of crap saying that Lemmy, “almost managed to toss their impeccable legacy in the dumpster.” I don’t really see how because this record isn’t really that bad. It is a little more commercial than previous records? Yes, but does that make it a crime? The songs are pretty solid to me and the record kicks ass. I am going to give the record 4 stars out of five for a final grade.


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