Last night (January 9TH), I attended the Pop Killers Tour which featured the bands Death Valley High, Bobaflex, and headliner Orgy at The Fete Music Hall in Providence, Rhode Island. One of the breakout performances of the night belonged to Bobaflex and what I thought was a cover of Simon And Garfunkel’s The Sound Of Silence. I was shocked to hear the cover, but in a good way because the cover was amazing. In 2011, the band released their fourth album Hell In My Heart which is exactly where the cover of the folk classic can be found. The song is very impressive as it contains elements of the classic folk song with the acoustic guitar mixed with elements of today’s flare with the electric guitars. The whole band sings and harmonizes together on the song as well capturing that element of the classic track. This is exactly what covering a song is all about, you take the track and you re-envision it plus it gives kids an idea of what music bands enjoyed. I provided the music video for you guys below and enjoy our cover of the week:


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