iggyFor the last two weeks, I have sort of gone classic with the artists that I chose for the album of the week (I did review Bowie’s latest). The artist I chose for this week was inspired by some news that is going around as Iggy Pop announced that he has a new album coming out that features Josh Homme of the Queens Of The Stone Age called Post Pop Depression. Josh Homme and Iggy have called the album the follow up to the 1977 album Lust For Life which was Iggy’s second collaboration with the late and great David Bowie. The album featured Iggy on Vocals, Bowie on Keyboards, Piano, and Organ, Carlos Alomar on Rhythm Guitar, Reggie Gardiner on Lead Guitar, Tony Sales on Bass, and Hunt Sales on Drums. The album remains one of Iggy’s best selling records and his highest selling album in the UK. Unfortunately at the time of the release, Elvis Presley had died and RCA reissued his whole catalog thus stealing away any promotional money for Iggy’s album. The album peaked on the Billboard Charts at #120.

David-Bowie-and-Iggy-Pop-in-the-1970s-111. Lust For Life– The opening track of the album which is by far one of my all time favs features this awesome drum beat followed by that commanding punk styled vocals from Pop. The riff was based off of The Armed Forces Network call signal which Bowie and Pop caught while waiting for a broadcast of Starsky & Hutch. 5/5

2. Sixteen– This rock and roll at it’s finest with it’s in your face riffage that reminds you of the good ole days of The Stooges and Bowie rock and roll. 4/5

3. Some Weird Sin– This is an interesting track from Pop that the music was composed by Bowie. You definitely hear the Bowie influence in it and the track seems to be about someone who feels like no one notices them. They feel the only way they can get noticed is to commit some kind of sin that will catch their attention. 4/5

4. The Passenger– It has been reported that the track is based off of a Jim Morrison poem where he looks at life like as a journey in a car. It has kind of a reggae like styled riff, but I love Pop’s vocals on this track. 5/5

5. Tonight– a track that deals with the topic of heroin use. I love the backup vocals in the beginning of the track and I love the riff too. 5/5

iggy 26. Success– a very upbeat rock and roll song on the album that pokes fun at the rock and roll business and rockstars. 4/5

7. Turn Blue– Another track on the album that deals with the issue of Heroin use. The song is very dramatic almost like it belongs in a musical. That is the best way I can describe it. 5/5

8. Neighborhood Threat– The Neo Punk classic about no matter how hot you think you are, someone somewhere could care less for you. 4/5

9. Fall in Love with Me– Another Neo Punk tune that came together from a jam session the band had. It’s a sleazy love song from Pop the way we love it. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– I am actually super happy that I chose this album because I never heard the full album before. Iggy Pop is another legend that we are fortunate to still have with us. You can definitely see the David Bowie influence as far as the music was concerned and that is OK because Bowie was brilliant. I am going to give the album 4.5 stars out of five for a final grade.


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