Robb Flynn Speaks Out Against Phil Anselmo’s Anti-Semitic Remarks

Posted: January 29, 2016 in Rock And Metal News
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20130712-phil-anselmo-306x306-1373646895There is a big issue going around on the internet regarding some Anti-Semitic remarks that Phil Anselmo made at Dimebash 2016. Phil responded to the Youtuber who posted the video saying that it was all a joke and that it had something to do with white wine that they were drinking backstage. While this isn’t the first time that he has made racists or Anti-Semitic remarks, there has to be a time when we say that enough is enough in the metal community. One man has the intestinal fortitude to come out and speak out against what Phil said from the metal community. That man is Machine Head frontman/guitarist Robb Flynn. While Robb is no stranger to stirring things up in the metal community, this time he has a legit reason to have an issue with the implicated figure. Robb released a video explaining what exactly was the issue with Anselmo explaining, “not a chardonnay or a pinot grigio in sight backstage” and then he informs you that Anselmo was drinking Becks which is a German beer. He continues to explain to people that Phil should not be let off the hook for his remarks and explains to everyone who doesn’t know why it isn’t OK to say those things.

robbThe part that shocks me the most is when Robb recalls sitting down with Anselmo backstage before they went on. He says, “Within 30 seconds of sitting down and talking to him, his drunk ass decided to let me know in no uncertain terms that he hated the ‘nig-er’ era of Machine Head, referring to our third and fourth album, The Burning Red.” That was a big time shock to me because I would never have imagined him saying those things, but then again I do not know the man personally from a hole in the wall. Second of all, The Burning Red was a kick ass album from Machine Head, but that isn’t the issue. The real Issue is that a public figure no matter if he is a musician, actor, politician, whatever should not be allowed to do that. Especially at an event that was meant to honor the legacy of one of the greatest guitar players in Metal history. I have always respected Robb for speaking his mind and standing up for what is right. I also agree with him in saying that there should be more people in Metal that should be calling out Anselmo for what he said as well. We can’t just brush this under the rug and say that it’s OK because of who he is. Check out the video below for yourself.


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