Cover Of The Week: Lord Of This World by Savanna

Posted: February 1, 2016 in Cover Of The Week
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I was minding my own business one day as I did what I always do when I heard what sounded like a Black Sabbath song. It sounded like a familiar tune from the Black Sabbath catalog, but a little different sounding. So, I decided to investigate just what it was I was listening to and it was on the Portuguese channel RTP. While the band keeps the traditional sounds of the guitars in Lord Of This World, Savanna, the band playing it added a little flair to it with some unique keyboard sounds. When you see the band playing it in the music video, you could swear they just stepped off of a time machine from the 70’s, but that doesn’t matter cause I like this cover. They do exactly what you are suppsoed to do when covering a track and that is make it your own. These guys are pretty cool and you should check out them out on Facebook by going here. Check out the track below with the music video:


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