Unsigned Band Of The Week: Bloodshot Dawn

Posted: February 2, 2016 in Unsigned Band Of The Week
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a2604078974_10For years, I have tried to promote unsigned metal bands from all over the Earth whether it was on my music video show The Monster Hour, my college radio show Pedal To The Metal Radio, or now on this blog. One of those bands that I have had the pleasure of sharing on different platforms is Bloodshot Dawn, a melodic death metal band all the way from Portsmouth/Hampshire, England and now they are this week’s Unsigned Band Of The Week. These guys are heavy hitters and they deliver their punishing brand of metal with a fury. The track I chose for you guys comes off their debut self titled album (which was released back in 2012) and it’s called Godless. The track showcases the band’s razor sharp, in your face riffs with the punishing blast beats, and Josh McMorran’s vocals are angry and commanding which is just the way we like it. Why these guys have not been signed by now, I do not know, but you have to check them out for yourselves. To get more information on the band, check out their Facebook page here and check out their Youtube page here for more music. Check out the track Godless below:


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