If you are a fan of Detroit Metalcore act Walls Of Jericho and have been wondering when the band was ever going to release new music, then never fear cause I have some good news for you. The last time the band released a full length album was back in 2008 with the album The American Dream and through all the politics that comes to releasing new music, the drought is over. On March 22ND, Walls Of Jericho will release the album No One Can Save You From Yourself via Napalm Records. The band has also revealed a brand new track which we chose as our single of the week in the song Relentless. The song starts with people saying that they are relentless right up to the point when the brand releases the fury with their thrash heavy tempo and super boosted high octane energy. Candace Kucsulain, frontwoman for Walls Of Jericho stated on her facebook page, “This is dedicated to my brother Larry Kucsulain who lost his battle to cancer this day last year. Sometimes in life we lose ourselves, and for me it’s always been music that’s brought me back to who I am and what I love. It’s never to late to rediscover yourself. This experience was a reminder to ‘Find what you love and let it kill you!” The band then commented saying, “This record was a long time coming and it seemed it would never come to light, but it did so be ready!” Check out the track below and get the album in March.


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