Music Video Of The Week: Cut Me Loose by Killswitch Engage

Posted: February 18, 2016 in Music Video Of The Week
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cut me looseEveryone’s favorite New Wave Of American Metal band Killswitch Engage have unveiled another track off their newest disc Incarnate which arrives in stores March 11TH. The band released the music video for the track Cut Me Loose which is the third song off the album that we have heard. Jesse Leach, the singer for Killswitch Engage (Incarnate is his second with the band since returning) described the song, “This song is about finding wisdom and understanding through suffering. Often times we don’t realize how far we have come until we reflect back on the past. The past is a story we tell ourselves and often times that story can be difficult to recount. The burdens we carry whether it be past mistakes or regrets can act as a noose inhibiting our growth and progression. There comes a time when we must release the bondage of our burdens and making peace with the demons and darkness of the past. Setting the albatross of regret free and moving on in life if you will.” The video centers around a man who is surrounded by a noose, alcohol, and pills as devices that can worsen someone’s metal health. Check out the video below to see what happens.


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