Cover Of The Week: Cowboy Song by Anthrax

Posted: February 22, 2016 in Cover Of The Week
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For this weeks Cover of the Week, I wanted to find a cover of a Thin Lizzy song other than Whiskey In The Jar which was done by Metallica and The Boys Are Back In Town by Bon Jovi. Thin Lizzy is a legendary band that was and still is respected by so many metal artists. So, I found a cover from one of Metallica’s contemporaries in Anthrax who covered the track Cowboy Song on their 2003 album Sound Of White Noise. The song features John Bush on vocals and he brought a different side to Anthrax that allowed them to cover a great track like this one. The band turns it up as they do their best to pay tribute to Thin Lizzy as it starts slow before they kick the tempo up a notch. The song translate very well as it is a hard rock classic and Anthrax make it their own. I loved the bridge of the song with the cool bass riff. Great stuff from the boys. Check out the cover below and enjoy.


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