For this week’s Unsigned Band Of The Week, we are moving from Buffalo and we are heading to the garden state for Dayton, NJ’s own Strychnia. The death metal outfit who named their band after another name for the chemical strychnine. I don’t remember exactly how I came about the band other than the fact that I thought their name was different and the imagery is pretty bad ass as well. The best way to describe these guys is that they are intense and in your face. Their riffs are unrelenting and they pummel you into nothing before picking up the pieces once again to do it all over again. The song I chose for you guys to check out today is their 2013 track Reanimated Monstrosity that features John Gallagher of Dying Fetus. The track is exactly how I described them above as it’s fierce and the riffs will melt your face off. Why these guys haven’t been signed yet is beyond me. If you want further proof, check out their kick ass cover of my favorite Pantera track off Far Beyond Driven in Slaughtered by going here. Do not be surprised by me if I choose that as a future cover of the week. To check out the band visit their Facebook page here and check out their site here as well. Remember, support your local scene because it all starts somewhere.


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