For this week’s Music Video Of The Week, I chose a video from a band that I ever since I have seen them live, I haven’t stopped listening to them. Bobaflex, the rock band from West Virginia, won the Rock Album Of The Year Award at this years Monster Entertainment Awards for the album Anything That Moves. An album that boasts so many amazing songs like the first single Mama (Don’t Take My Drugs Away), Dry Your Eyes, Turn Me On, You Don’t Wanna Know, and the second single off the album A Spider In The Dark. The song also happens to be this week’s Music Video Of The Week and rightfully so. The video’s look and feel accurately match the mood and tempo of the track flawlessly. The video was directed by Paul Cunningham and it finds the guys performing in a very cold meat locker in this performance based video. Shaun McCoy talked about the track with saying, “The song is inspired from an unfinished sci-fi adventure / horror novel I started writing a few years back. It encompasses the philosophy of the villain who is a military veteran turned drug enforcer. He is obsessed with power and believes he has completely shed his humanity and become something greater. Like an arachnid, he is devoid of love. He is simply a hunter who devours his enemies, a cannibal. His cult like gang intimidates their adversaries through rape and mutilation. It’s a dark song that explores how this monster thinks and sees the world. Don’t worry, Bobaflex is not part of his gang, nor do we believe in the sick philosophies of this bastard!!! It’s pure fantasy.” Check it out below:


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