Cover Of The Week: Love Yourself by Escape The Fate

Posted: March 6, 2016 in Cover Of The Week
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I never thought in my whole life that I would cover an article that had anything to do with Justin Bieber, but today is the day that I did. I love cover songs just as much as the next guy, but sometimes bands cover the same old songs from the same artists that you just need something different. Well, Escape The Fate provide you with that something different in the form of an acoustic cover of Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself. The band has been touring for their new record Hate Me and they thought it would be cool to add a special performance for their shows so they covered the Justin Bieber track. The track is actually really good, but don’t worry the band isn’t selling out or anything. As far as the new album is concerned, frontman Craig Mabbitt told, “We’ve been through everything that would usually break up a band and we’ve stuck it out. We’re still here and our fans are still there. There’s not a greater feeling in the world than that. And so, going into it we are just so happy that we saw the opportunity to be here and do this because it’s very rare that you get this. And we’re just trying to live it up. And the fact that our fans have been there supporting us through it all and they’re still here now, to make them excited and please them is obviously what everybody’s goal is when you’re creating something like that.”


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