Single Of The Week: Wolfsbane by Cry Venom

Posted: March 10, 2016 in Single Of The Week
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Some of you out there may be wondering just who in the world is Cry Venom? If you were a fan of Falling In Reverse, then you may remember the name Jacky Vincent. Jacky was the guitarist for Falling in Reverse until he announced that he was leaving the band last fall.  Now, Jacky is back with a brand new band called Cry Venom that should grab your attention even if you weren’t a fan of Falling In Reverse. The band recently released a brand new single Wolfsbane which will be on the band’s debut disc which they have been working hard on. The rest of the band is rounded out by Niko Gemini (Davey Suicide), Colton Majors, and Aleksey Smirnov and the first 40 seconds or so of the track features some bad ass speed metal style playing. The best way I can really describe it is that if you love early Avenged Sevenfold style music mixed with some modern power metal, then you will love these guys. If you want to hear more from the band and download Wolfsbane for yourself then click here. Otherwise, check it out below:



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