youngblood supercultFor this week’s Unsigned Band Of The Week, we leave Rhode Island and we head all the way to the heart of the Midwest in Topeka, Kansas for Youngblood Supercult. First you must be wondering with a name like Youngblood Supercult, what kind of music do they play and how did I hear about them. If you are a fan of Black Sabbath like stoner rock like I am then you will absolutely love these guys. I discovered them by chance on Twitter when they came up on my suggestions of pages or people to follow. The name of the band alone instantly made me curious and when I heard the featured track for today in Season Of The Witch I was instantly hooked. From the first bluesy chord of the guitars to the monstrous bass riffs and the powerful vocals of David Merrill you are instantly mesmerized and you can’t turn back. For more information on the band, give them a like on Facebook, check them on Reverbnation, and follow them on Twitter. Check out Season Of The Witch below:


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