ip manFor today’s Ass Whoopin Wednesday film, we turn to a true legend of Martial Arts  and the Kung Fu community in the film IP Man. IP Man is a semi-biographical look at the life of the man known as Yip Man, a true master of Wing Chun and the legendary teacher of Bruce Lee. In the town of Foshan, China, Martial Arts runs rampant with many schools and masters. There is one master of them all that chooses not to teach his brand of Wing Chun known as IP Man (Donnie Yen). He is modest and knows that he is the best, but he doesn’t flaunt it until things go bad in Foshan. The Japanese have taken over China and have made times desperate for the people of China. To protect a mill of workers and his family, he will finally teach his brand of Wing Chun, but will he battle the Japanese General? The film also stars Simon Yam (Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life) as Chow Ching-Chuen, Siu-Wong Fan (Kung Fu Killer) as Jin Shan Zhao, Lynn Hung (IP Man 2) as Cheung Wing-Sing, Hiroyuki Ikeuchi (Blues Harp) as Miura, Tenma Shibuya as Colonel Sato, Zhi-Hui Chen (Fearless) as Master Liu, Xing Yu (Kung Fu Hustle) as Master Zealot Lam, and the film was directed by Wilson Yip. Before we get into the review of the film, let’s check out some stats:

IP Man StatsROUNDUP-IPMAN-articleLargeI am such a huge fan of Martial Arts films and I was a huge fan of Bruce Lee, so it was only natural for me to check out a film about the man who taught the legend. As far as stats are concerned, IP Man had about 32 Knockouts/Kills and he doesn’t have an origin story in this film. He is married so that answers the love interest question and several of his friends are either hurt or killed in the film. You’ll have to check out the final showdown of the film for yourself because something unexpected happens at the end of it. It takes a little while in the film for IP Man to get into action at times, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any action because there’s plenty of it. There is always some fight going on especially in the beginning and after it’s established that the Japanese have taken over. IP Man is basically one of those guys that you are going to regret calling into action because he is going to kick your ass. The fight choreography is absolutely amazing in this film as you see every punch and kick that is performed in the film. One of my favorite battle scenes in the film is the fight between IP Man and ten Japanese fighters. That is absolutely intense and amazing to see. I cannot wait to see the rest of the films in the series because this only covers his pre-Hong Kong days. Check it out on Netflix right now and as far as a grade is concerned this gets 4.5 fists out of five for a final grade.

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