When they’re not making hilarious and controversial episodes of Southpark, Trey Parker and Matt Stone were making films at one point. In 1998, the guys for the first time ever starred in a film that they didn’t write or direct in BASEketball. BASEketball is the story of a couple of losers who invent a sport that they know they could beat jocks in and the struggles they faced when that sport became popular. They also released a soundtrack for the film which featured a mix of Ska, Pop Punk, and various other forms of rock music i n bands like Nerf Herder, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, Goldfinger, Smash Mouth, and our featured band today in Reel Big Fish. The Reel Big Fish contributed two tracks to the soundtrack, but I chose their cover of my favorite New Wave track in A-ha’s Take On Me. It’s basically a Ska cover of the song which is actually pretty cool to hear done. So, check it out below and check out BASEketball.


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