pedalThe first round of the fifth ever Pedal To The Metal Tournament is in the books as you the fans made the difference. Much like last years tournament, I want to thank the fans of the Chuck Schuldiner Division (formerly Extreme Metal division) for showing up and supporting your favorite bands. The CS division had the most fan participation once again of any division and I thank you for that. The next division that showed the most fan participation was the Dio Division (formerly Heavy Metal) followed by a close race between the Lemmy division and the Hanneman division. Nonetheless, there was some big upsets in the this round and some very close matches. One of the big upsets has to belong to Avenged Sevenfold who defeated Ozzy Osbourne by a vote. One of the close races of that division was between Bobaflex who made it a race against Alice Cooper, but the band fell short by a vote. One of the most lopsided victories of the tournament belongs to Destruction who defeated Black Metal legends Venom by 96 votes in total. The second round (Sweet 16) will be up soon, but check out the rest of who won below on the bracket:

Sweet Sixteen Bracket



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