pedalIt is that time again to check out all of the bands that are still in the 2016 Pedal To The Metal Tournament and cast your vote to show your support. We are in the sweet sixteen round of the tournament or the Jeff Hanneman Division Semifinals and we have some interesting matchups for you guys here. The one I am most excited to see how it tuns out is between Big Four mega giants Slayer and Megadeth. Megadeth already took care of Metallica, but can they luck continue as the band takes on Slayer whose coming off a big win against Annihilator. The next match up in the division is between Testament and Death Angel. Death Angel has made it close to the promise lands before and they are looking to go all the way, but they’ll have to do it against the mighty Testament who easily dispatched Anthrax in the first round. You have until March 23RD to cast your vote for who you want to advance.

Megadeth vs slayer

testament vs death angel


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