I’ve decided to combine all of the divisional finals into one post so it’s a one stop shop for all you fans out there. This is when things really get serious as all eight bands are looking to make the final four and eventually the championship. Who will make it? Well, it’s up to you the fans to decide who gets to move on and who doesn’t. For the Chuck Schuldiner divisional final, we have the defending champions Kreator in an epic match up with fellow Big Teutonic Four member Destruction. In the Jeff Hanneman divisional final, Megadeth is looking to make their first final four appearance, but they’ll have to deal with Testament who is also looking to make the final for the first time as well. In the Lemmy Kilmister division, we have two bands looking to make an impact on their first try. I am talking about Ghost who has slayed some pretty big giants along the way, but so hasn’t their opponent in Avenged Sevenfold. In the Dio divisional final, Iron Maiden is looking to get back to the championship once again, but they have to deal with upstart Primal Fear int he battle of old school vs new school of Power Metal. This is the match I am looking forward to seeing the most on the road to the championship. Again, it is up to all of you to decide the fates of these bands by voting. You have until April 27TH to vote for your favorite band.

kreator vs destruction

megadeth vs testament


iron maiden vs primal fear


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