kissThis week’s choice for album of the week is probably a poor choice in most of the minds of most Kiss fans, but Kiss’s seventh studio album Dynasty is my favorite record. It has a sentimental place in my heart as it was the first Kiss record that made me fall in love with the band seeing their painted faces on the cover. It’s also the first time that the whole band did not play collectively on a Kiss record. There are some tracks on the record that do not feature the original lineup all together. For one, Peter Criss is only one one track while for most of the album it’s Paul Stanley (Vocals/Guitars), Gene Simmons (Bass/Vocals), Ace Frehley (Guitars/Vocals), and Anton Fig (Drums). Producer Vini Poncia apparently did not like Peter Criss’s playing during the sessions so Fig was brought in. Paul Stanley reflects saying, “On Dynasty, Peter was pretty much out of commission, so I wouldn’t point to it as a classic Kiss album.” As far as success of the album goes, it definitely brought Kiss back to the top as it peaked at number nine on the Billboard Top 200 charts (it stayed on the charts for 25 weeks) and the album went platinum.

Kiss-Dynasty-Back-Cover-427741. I Was Made For Loving You– My favorite Kiss song of all time and coincidentally the one track every accuses of being too Disco like. It was the band’s second Gold Single in their history and a great live staple. 5/5

2. 2,000 Man– Ace showing his love for rock and roll and The Rolling Stones with this cover. Ace performs every instrument on the track expect Drums. 4.5/5

3. Sure Know Something– Gene’s funky bass riff leads the track forward in this disco rock like track. 4.5/5

4. Dirty Livin– The only track on the album that features Peter Criss on drums and vocals on the track and it’s actually a really good rock track with a cool bass riff. 4/5

5. Charisma– One of two tracks on the album that Gene Simmons sings on and this one is a charging, driving track, but I’m not a fan of his vocals on this one. 3/5

kiss-dynasty-126. Magic Touch– Obviously a track about a woman who is very good sexually. Paul’s vocals are amazing as usual on this very Paul Stanley-esque Kiss track. What I mean by that is you can tell Paul wrote the song. 4/5

7. Hard Times– A driving rock anthem by the spaceman Ace Frehley about growing up in the rough streets of New York. 4/5

8. X-Ray Eyes– The other Gene Simmons track which is rocking and his vocals are a lot better than the last track he sang on and it’s a track that focuses on seeing through the lies and all the troubles in relationships. 4/5

9. Save Your Love– The third Frehley track on the album and the last song on the album and not one of the best. It has a cool rock riff, but the lyrics are OK. 3/5

My Final Thoughts– Despite a couple of tracks on the record, it is still one of my favorite Kiss records ever. It was a rough era for Kiss at this point as Peter Criss would eventually exit the band and then Ace Frehley would follow eventually. The album has some highlights to it and is definitely under appreciated. Check it out for yourself, I am giving the album four stars out of five for a final grade.


Original Kiss Promo Poster 


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