We decided to go way back this week for our Music Video Of The Week as it is Throwback Thursday after all. This past week, I went to the House Of Blues in Boston this past Monday night (3/21) and I saw Megadeth with Suicidal Tendencies, Children Of Bodom, and Havok. It was an incredible show with a really good turnout for a metal show. I chose Sweating Bullets from Megadeth for this week’s Music Video Of The Week because while the band performed this live, they had the music video playing on the screen and it reminded me of how amazing the song was. The video perfectly matches the content of the lyrics as we see the multiple Dave Mustaines in the video to show how crazy he is. At times in the video, the multiple Dave’s are tormenting the real version of him and there is even a cool shot of him holding a brain while they are yelling at him. It was a cool concept for a video and it was exactly how you would imagine the video would be when listening to the lyrics. Check it out below and don’t forget to vote for Megadeth as they take on Testament in the Pedal To The Metal Tournament in the Elite 8 round. You only have until Sunday the 27TH to vote for them by going here. Otherwise, enjoy the video below:


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