The Final FourHere it is the moment you have all been waiting for as The Final Four of the 2016 Pedal To The Metal Tournament is now live and open. This year’s tournament has been full of surprises as we’ve seen some upsets along the way. Ghost is one of those bands that has had some of those upsets as they’ve beaten giants like Black Label Society and even Alice Cooper before beating Avenged Sevenfold (who also beat some giants) to get to this point. They’ll look to do the same as they take on Dio Division winners Iron Maiden who have made the final four for the second year in a row. Last year, Iron Maiden took out AC/DC to get into this finals and now they’ll have to contend with Ghost. In our other final four match, we have two titans of thrash squaring off against each other. If there was ever an argument as to who to make a member of the Big Five of Thrash Metal (if they decided to add one more member), Testament would definitely be that band. On the road to the final four, they took care of business defeating Anthrax, Death Angel, and Megadeth to get here. Last year, Testament was one match away from making it to this point before they were bounced out, but now they look to make the best of it against Big Teutonic Four member Destruction. Destruction’s road to the championship included victories over Venom, Entombed A.D. and Defending champions Kreator. Now the band looks to complete the success by defeating Testament. Whose fans will rise to the occasion, only time will tell. You have until March 31ST to decide.


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