The Final FourA couple of weeks ago, we started this tournament with 32 bands from all sorts of genres of rock and metal and now we are down to two. Along the way, we’ve seen some major upsets and we even saw the defending champion taken down. I do want to remind all of you out there that if it wasn’t for you, this wouldn’t be possible at all because you voted for your favorite bands. In the final four, we had Ghost taking on Iron Maiden in one match while Testament took on Destruction. One band made it a close match after it almost looked over while another band blazed their way through the match much like they did in the tournament. In our first match up, it looked as if for a while that Iron Maiden had the match in their pocket until a late run saw Ghost almost make the comeback of a lifetime (it’s one of the best comebacks for a band that lost a match). Unfortunately, Ghost lost the match by only 19 votes meaning that Iron Maiden is in the finals for a second year in a row. In our other match, Destruction, a band whose fans have come out in droves since the tournament started didn’t let the band down at all. The band defeated Testament by a 105 votes meaning that they will take on Iron Maiden in the finals. Stay tuned for an opportunity to vote in the finals.

iron maiden vs destruction


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