Soundtrack Saturday: When Doves Cry by Prince and the Revolution

Posted: April 2, 2016 in Soundtrack Saturdays
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For this week’s Soundtrack Saturday track, I was inspired when I discovered a gem during a visit to my local record. While I was at the local record store, I discovered one of the greatest 80’s soundtracks to an amazing 80’s film in the Soundtrack for Prince and the Revolution’s Purple Rain. The film follows a young musician (played by Prince) as he goes through some difficult times on his way to the top. Prince wrote and recorded every track on the film’s soundtrack and he matched some of the songs to a particular theme of a scene in the film. The track I chose for today was supposed to be the title track which won an Oscar for Best Original Song Score (a category that no longer exists), but the track does not exist on Youtube. So, I had to choose my next favorite track from the album called When Doves Cry. According to the film’s DVD, the song was composed after the director asked Prince to model the lyrics after a certain scene in the film that dealt with his parental difficulties and his love affair. The song was completely written and performed by Prince and literally features no bass line. He felt it didn’t work and was too conventional with it in the track. Check it out below:


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