pedalI just wanted to take the time to than every single person who voted in the whole entire competition from the first round all the way to the championship. Like I have always said, if it wasn’t for all of you, none of this would be possible. I also would like to thank every band and fan that shared my posts whether it be on Twitter or Facebook because it helped spread the word and I thank all of you. Now to the business at hand, we had a very interesting final that looked a little familiar this year. We had a representative from the Schuldiner (Extreme Metal) division taking on a band from the Dio (Power Metal) division. We had a member of the Big Teutonic Four taking on Iron Maiden in the championship, but this time it was German powerhouse Destruction taking on the legends. Destruction had blazed a path of destruction (pun intended) from the first round all the way to the championship an it never stopped. In fact, Destruction won the championship by winning 65% of the vote which is the second best in the tournament ever (Judas Priest won by 78% in 2014). They beat Iron Maiden 613 to 328 to claim the 2016 Pedal To The Metal Championship. So, congratulations to Destruction on the big win and even though they lost, Iron Maiden deserves a round of applause as well. Now I am sad that the tournament is over, but until next year!!!

Destruction Champions

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