destructionIt is a custom here at Moshpits and Movies that we review the album from the winner of the Pedal To The Metal tournament. We reviewed an album fro Kreator last year and now we are reviewing an album from Destruction, the 2016 Pedal To The Metal Champions. The album we chose from the group is an album that helped celebrate the 30TH anniversary of the band’s legendary legacy as German Thrash Metal legends. The band’s 13TH studio album is called Spiritual Genocide and it featured Marcel “Schmier” Schirmer  (Bass/Vocals), Mike Sifringer (Guitars), and Wawrzyniec “Vaaver” Dramowicz (Drums) plus a slew of guest musicians on the album as well. When speaking about the album, Marcel once commented, “For this anniversary album we did a really great job, our new drummer “Vaaver” opens up new possibilities of course. On this album there are no limits. So fast, brutal and yet groovy we haven’t ever sounded, probably! Also the guest musicians are very special this time: with Gerre (Tankard) and Tom Angelripper (Sodom) our old friends and companions are with us, the original Mad Butcher/Release from Agony – line up is doing one song and with Ol Drake (Evile) we got the hottest young thrash guitarist for a few solos on the album!”

Destruction-Spiritual_Genocide-Trasera1. Exordium– a One minute instrumental intro to the record. 4/5

2. Cyanide– the track opens with a fury and some double bass thrash mayhem in a track whose lyrics seem to deal with issues of thinking we’re better than others, thinking all the deeds you’ve done will help you in the end of days, etc. At least that is what I got from the track. 4/5

3. Spiritual Genocide– The title track is one of the three tracks that features Mad Butcher/Release From Agony era guitarist Harry Wilkens (who does the guitar solo). The track itself has such a killer 80’s Thrash sound to it that will excite any fans of 80’s thrash metal which its fierce and it’ll melt your face off. 5/5

4. Renegades– This is one of the tracks on the album that features Ol Drake of Evile doing the guitar solo. The guitar riffs on this album are untouchable including this one which is fierce, but it has a killer groove to it. 5/5

5. City Of Doom– Another fierce face melting track whose lyrics deal with Barbarossa which was a Nazi code word for a mission to take over the Soviet Union. 5/5

Destruction-Spiritual_Genocide-CD6. No Signs of Repentance– The second track that features a  Harry Wilkens guitar solo in a track that talks about how the lower class will always rise against when they have repressed. 4/5

7. To Dust You Will Decay– The band slows the tempo down a little and the track sounds evil as hell in a track that talks about the fact that no matter what you do on Earth, you can not and will not escape Death. 4/5

8. Legacy of the Past– The second track on the album that features a Ol Drake guitar solo in a  track that is a look back at the legacy of Thrash Metal. Andreas “Gerre” Geremia of Tankard sings vocals on the track. 5/5

9. Carnivore– The final track on the album to feature a Harry Wilkens guitar solo. It opens with a killer drum riff before the guitars in with some blazing riffs in a track that seems to be about a guy who mistakes a girl for a sweet innocent women, but really is a cold hearted killer. 4/5

10. Riot Squad– A hammering riff in a track that talks about how unsafe the world is because there’s no fear anymore.

destruction2_311. Under Violent Sledge– The last track on the album that is an all out metal assault on the ear drums in a track that explores themes of war. 4/5

12. Princess Of The Night– A bonus track and the band’s blistering cover of the classic Saxon track featuring the last Ol Drake guitar solo. 5/5

13. Carnivore (Guest Version)– The last bonus track on the album that features the full Mad Bucther/Release From Agony lineup with Oliver “Olly” Kaiser on drums.

My Final Thoughts– There is a reason why these guys won the tournament and it’s because they have loyal fans. Why do they have loyal fans because they put out quality material that the fans love. The album is full of hell raising/face smashing riffs and the band still has what it takes to hang with the best of them. Check out the record and in fact check out all of their records. I am giving the album 4.2 stars out of five for a final grade.


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