Considering today, I met a true American cinema Icon of the 1980’s and when I say Icon I mean he was the coolest and best Villain the eighties ever had in William Zabka. I met William Zabka today at the Super Megafest Comic Con in Marlboro, MA today and was totally blown away by how cool he was. In 1984, William Zabka played tough guy Johnny Lawrence in the film The Karate Kid. The song I chose for today is the world famous You’re The Best by Joe Esposito which appears in the film during the tournament fight scenes when Zabka, Ralph Macchio, and the whole Cobra Kai are competing in the tournament. The history behind this track is that it was supposed to be on the Rocky III soundtrack, but was replaced by Survivor’s Eye Of The Tiger. It was then supposed to be in the film Flashdance, but was rejected in favor of Maniac by Michael Sembello. Then John Avildsen, the director of The Karate Kid loved the song so much that he picked it for the soundtrack. Check out the song below:




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