For this week’s Unsigned Band Of The Week, we are leaving Missouri and we are continuing to travel out west as we land in Los Angeles, California for this week’s band Love And A .38. I wish I could remember how I discovered Love And A .38, but it was definitely when I was searching out young and hungry rock bands on Twitter. the band definitely possessed a raw energy that proved rock and roll was still alive and well out in Los Angeles and it definitely attracted my attention. The song I chose for you guys that possess that raw punk/rock energy that drives you like a supercharged race car is the track I Won’t Wait from the bands album Nomads. After hearing this track and many of the band’s other tracks, it’s clear to see that the band possess the abilities to write great music so it begs the question why the hell are they not signed yet? If I had my own label, I would definitely scoop these guys up. I definitely suggest that you check these guys out if you are a fan of rock music because rock and roll is alive and well. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter and check out the track below:



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