in this momentWhen it comes to theatrical metal with a little bit of a pop flavor to it, there is obviously no one better than In This Moment. The band has definitely proven that since they’ve been riding the success of their last record Black Widow since it’s release two years ago. The band has been riding the success of tracks like Sex Metal Barbie, Big Bad Wolf, Sick Like Me, and now The Fighter. The Fighter is the latest track off the album to get the music video treatment and what a powerful track to do so. The video may come across some to be plain, but it conveys a very powerful message with it’s lyrics and the performance of Maria Brink (who also directed the video alongside Jeremy Saffer). The track is about overcoming adversity or whatever stands in your way and being a fighter instead of a victim and no one conveys that message better than Brink in the video. The video only features Brink in it as you can see her convey the message of the song with her unique makeup during the video which you’ll see below.

Maria recently commented on the video via the band’s Facebook page saying, “I’m really excited for everyone to see “The Fighter” music video. I decided to do a stripped down, intimate video to go with the nature and the meaning of the song. I wanted to show everybody a more vulnerable side of myself and take out all the bells & whistles. This song is about rising to our fullest power and overcoming tragedy. I hope everybody enjoys it and special thanks to Jeremy Saffer for collaborating with me on this.” It’s definitely a video worth check it out cause the song is amazing and catch the band live this summer when they go on tour with Rob Zombie and Korn.


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