Soundtrack Saturday: Big Trouble In Little China by the Coupe De Villes

Posted: April 16, 2016 in Soundtrack Saturdays
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For this week’s Soundtrack Saturday track, I turn to a mine that I always thought was masterful when it came to song choice, scores, and music for his soundtracks. I am talking about John Carpenter who has made some amazing scores for films like Halloween, The Fog, They Live, and today’s soundtrack in Big Trouble In Little ChinaBig Trouble In Little China was one of my favorite 80’s films that starred Kurt Russell as a truck driver who is balls deep in something you don’t want to be when it involves black magic and martial arts. The song I chose for today could essentially be known as the title track because it’s the title of the film. The song was done by a group known as the Coupe De Villes which was basically made up of Carpenter with Tommy Lee Wallace and Nick Castle. The music just reeks of 80’s awesomeness with the keys and synthesizers. The funny thing about it is that John Carpenter isn’t a bad singer from what I hear on the track. He trades lines in verses with Nick Castle and it works. It’s cheesy, but what the hell I love it. Check it out below:


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