Cover Of The Week: Knowing Me Knowing You by MGT & Ville Valo

Posted: April 18, 2016 in Cover Of The Week
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12238005_962188363817978_6362632655180938415_oThere are covers that come out that make you stop everything you are doing and decide to have two covers of the week this week. So, this is the second cover of the week and it’s an epic cover song. Mark Gemini Thwaite is a guitarist who has worked with so many musicians that his resume is very impressive. Well, Mark Gemini Thwaite decided to team up with Ville Valo of HIM for a very unusual cover choice in ABBA’s Knowing Me Knowing You. I have a parent that was into Disco and ABBA and so this was my favorite ABBA song out of their catalog. So, when I saw that Ville Valo was covering the song, I was instantly curious as to how it was going to turn out and let me just say that it’s amazing. The song was covered by the artists for MGT’s new album Volumes which is expected out by the end of June. Mark does an amazing job of updating the tracks sound, but maintaining the elements of the original that made it great. Ville Valo is just Ville Valo which means that he is amazing. This is what covering a song is all about, it’s about taking a track and making it your ow which is what these two did with this song. Check it out below:


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