lbFor this week’s album of the week, I chose due to the fact that Limp Bizkit was back in the news again, but not for the reasons they would choose. The band was back in the news due to someone posting that the band was going to perform at a gas station in Ohio. Nevertheless, I chose to revisit an album that I have always thought was a classic in the band’s sophomore effort Significant Other. The album was released to the masses on June 22, 1999 and it would temporarily change the world. Significant Other which once again featured Fred Durst (Vocals), Wes Borland (Guitar), DJ Lethal (Turntables), Sam Rivers (Bass), and John Otto (Drums) would cement the band as a legitimate threat for the throne. They literally went from openers to headliners overnight and the album generated so much buzz due to an incident that would scar the band later on. Supposedly one of the tracks off the album sparked all the violence at Woodstock 99 that you think would hurt the band, but it did the opposite as the album peaked at number one on The Billboard Top 200 Charts. The album also went number one in Canada and Number One on the internet as well as 83 on the decade end charts (1990-99).

Limp_Bizkit-Significant_Other-Trasera1. Intro– features some funky beats while a voice that is slowed down introduces the band. 4/5

2. Just Like This– A cool as drum beat from John kicks off the song while Sam Rivers keeps you hooked with his sick bass playing. The song basically proclaimed that Limp Bizkit was in the house which they certainly were. 5/5

3. Nookie– A sick bass riff comes from Rivers once again before Wes comes crashing in like thunder with some power chords in a track about trying to get a girl just for sex. 5/5

4. Break Stuff– The Power Chord heavy track that just makes you want to break something, this was alos the track that supposedly caused people to get violent at Woodstock 99. 5/5

5. Re-Arranged– The slow track off the album with another cool bass riff from Rivers in a track that talks about how sometimes life can be too much no matter the situation you’re in, but you have to fight through it. 5/5

LB 2 copy6. I’m Broke– Pretty self explanatory kind of track that features some heavy riffage from Borland. The track has a Jane’s Addiction feel to it at times with the melodies4.5/5

7. Nobody Like You– A very cool collaboration on the album that features both Jonathan Davis (Korn) and  and the late Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots). One of the best riffs on the album from Wes Borland by the way. 5/5

8. Don’t Go Off Wandering– I love Wes’s playing on this track and I love the lyrics to the track which deal with one-sided relationships. 5/5

9. 9 Teen 90 Nine– Prince once proclaimed that we should party like it was 1999 and Limp Bizkit brought it with this track. I love how during the verses it’s just a bass line and drum beat as Fred raps over it. Then during the chorus, Wes kicks it up a notch with the assault. 5/5

10. N 2 Gether Now– This is one of the best collaborations Fred ever did in his career that has legendary status with Method Man from Wu-Tang. The track was produced by DJ Premier. 5/5

Limp-bizkit611. Trust?- A hellacious track with some sledgehammer like riffs that has a little flavor of the first record. 4.5/5

12. No Sex– One of the most unexpected tracks from the band, but a brilliant one. The slow tempo track that talks about how relationships suck when all that is left is the sex. 5/5

13. Show Me What You Go– A cool party track where Fred drop name drops cities all over America in the song. 5/5

14. A Lesson Learned– a track featuring production mostly from DJ Lethal about how fame and fortune can change things for the worse. 4.5/5

15. Outro- An outro track that features a couple of hidden tracks with one being Matt Pinfield and the other being with Les Claypool. 4.5/5

My Final Thoughts– Just like the music video for Re-Arranged when the water is drained all that is left is the album and Fred’s hat signifying that no matter how much you trash the band, their legacy is here forever in the form of their music. This was definitely an awesome record that opened door for other artists in the genre and it made an impact on me. I am going to give the album 4.8 stars out of five for a final grade.


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