Soundtrack Saturday: Batdance by Prince

Posted: April 23, 2016 in Soundtrack Saturdays
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Prince_BatdanceI usually never repeat an artist when it comes to Soundtrack Saturday only because I wanted to try and see how many different soundtracks and artists I could go without repeating. Today, I am going to make an exception because the world lost yet another talented musician and Icon in Prince. 2016 or at least the first quarter of it has to go down as one of the worst as far as losing icons is concerned. So for today’s soundtrack Saturday track, I am going to use a track from the Batman (1989) soundtrack that was recorded by Prince. The song I chose for today is the song Batdance which is one of the most famous tracks off the soundtrack. The track just showcased why Prince was such a genius and was so ahead of everyone at that time. Like David Bowie, Prince was also not afraid to experiment with his music and it’s evident with elements of Hip Hop mixed with his brand of pop/dance music and samples from the film. Not to mention, the incredible guitar solo during the opening moments of the track. Enjoy the track which is still iconic to this day and never forget him. R.I.P. Prince (1958-2016)


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