Mashup Of The Week: Stayin’ in Black by Wax Audio

Posted: April 24, 2016 in Mashup Of The Week
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I used to do this segment on my other blog and I had a heck of a lot of fun with it because Mashups are a very cool art form. Although do not be fooled by what you hear because it’s not very easy to do and pull off. My number one rule when I decide what is worthy of being the Mashup of the Week is whether it flows correctly and properly. The art of a mashup is taking two or more songs and combining them into one, but if it doesn’t flow right then it’s just trash. The first mashup I chose for this week is from a man that I deem a master of the art of Mashups in Wax Audio. Wax Audio is actually the artist that turned me onto Mashups in the first place and he does them right. For this week’s Mashup, he takes the legendary Bee Gees disco hit Stayin’ Alive and he combines it with AC/DC’s comeback hit after Bon Scott’s death Back In Black to create Stayin’ In Black. When you listen to this track, you will know exactly what I am talking about because Wax Audio makes it seem so easy and flawless. Check it out below and check out Wax Audio’s website here.



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