Update Concept.

So, I don’t know if you have noticed, but there have been some changes to the blog lately. Besides trying to keep up with my 365 movies in 365 days challenge (click here to see that), I have added a new blog piece and have neglected some over some time now. The new blog piece I added is Mashup Of The Week which is basically a piece that I use to do on my old blog because I love mashups. Now, I have neglected a couple of different pieces like Ass Whoopin Wednesday and Tuesday Stand Up. Tuesday Stand Up I stopped doing only because of the challenge and the time that that blog consumes. It was becoming too much to try and do both, but I am aiming for that piece to return by late May. Patton Oswalt just came out with a new special and Iliza Shlesinger has one coming out soon so I want to cover those. Ass Whoopin Wednesday stopped because of certain movie opportunities that have come up. So, I am planning to have that return by the beginning of May because there are some cool action flicks I want to watch that have become available. We also just restarted Cheeseball Cinema a couple of weeks ago and we look forward to continuing doing that as well. That is basically the skinny on that and if there are anymore updates, I will be sure to let you guys know soon.


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