Single Of The Week: Bored To Death by Blink-182

Posted: April 28, 2016 in Single Of The Week
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Today, we are doing two different singles of the week with one coming from the rock side and the other being the metal side. So as you can see, I have the first of the two with this one coming from the rock side as Blink-182 fans were treated to a pleasant surprise. Just in case you wondering what Blink-182 without Tom DeLonge sounds like, they gave you an answer with their new single Bored To Death which is off the band’s upcoming record California (expected to be released July 1ST). The band which now just features drummer Travis Barker and bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus recruited the help of Alkaline Trio member Matt Skiba to take over guitar duties and the result is a track that sounds like a Blink-182 track. It has that typical clean guitar/pop punk melancholic sound that fans of the band have loved over the years. Back in January, Travis Barker talked about the recording process with KROQ saying, “It’s awesome because we’re all actually in the studio, where we couldn’t get that with the old lineup. It was impossible to get all three of us in the same studio. I think with a band you can’t just phone it in. You gotta be there. For that great chemistry and for everyone to really vibe you gotta all be in the same room. It’s just exciting. It’s a new chapter and we’re not striving for mediocrity, we’re looking to kill it. We’re gonna make a great album.” Check out the track below and to pre-order the album, click here.


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