When I was doing the soundtrack Saturday track, I couldn’t help but remember a cover song from one of the bands on the soundtrack that I loved. Godhead (or gODHEAD) was a band that when they released their cover of The Beatles Eleanor Rigby, I went nuts because I loved what they had done with the cover and I still can’t get enough of it. They were one of the only bands that can claim that they were signed at one time to Marilyn Manson’s label Posthuman Records (it eventually went under). The track was one of the songs re-recorded for the band’s fourth album 2000 Years Of Human Error as it appeared on the previous effort Power Tool Stigmata. The band takes the song and they make it their own as they industrialize the song with the programming and the industrial dance beats. It has that Nine Inch Nails/Marilyn Manson feel to the track and it’s definitely cool. The whole point of covering a song is making it your own by interpreting it you own way which is what Godhead did. So, check it out below:


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