For this week’s Unsigned Band Of The Week, we are leaving the state of Texas and we are heading back up north to New England and to be more exact we are heading into the state of  Connecticut for this week’s band. To be exact we are heading to Ansonia, CT which is west of New Have for this week’s band Dream Of Scipio. I heard about Dream Of Scipio back when I was trying to launch a Podcast called Believe In The Scene. Unfortunately, the podcast never really took off at the time, but I decided to make it up to them by making them this week’s Unsigned band of the week. The song that I chose for today from the band is their track entitled The Dark Defender which is a bulldozer of a track. The track is in your face and it’s a furious concoction of pure mayhem that is unrelenting. You better be prepared for this because this is metal done right. To check out more from the band, give them a like on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, check out their Soundcloud, and check their video below cause it’s a well produced video. While you’re at it, check out their EP Reborn here and download it.



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