Soundtrack Saturday: I’m Alive by Electric Light Orchestra

Posted: May 7, 2016 in Soundtrack Saturdays
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For this week’s Soundtrack Saturday track, I wanted to cover a band and soundtrack that I hadn’t done before. I was struggling to find a new one after 66 posts when I stumbled upon this one. I wasn’t going to post Olivia Newton John on the blog, but when I saw Electric Light Orchestra contributed to the Xanadu soundtrack, I immediately knew who I wanted to cover. The band contributed just about half of the soundtrack to the film that starred Olivia Newton John, Michael Beck, and Gene Kelly in the romantic fantasy musical film. The song I chose for today is the track I’m Alive and it’s featured right int he part when the muses emerge from the painting with one of the muses being Olivia Newton John’s character Kira (Terpsichore). You should definitely check out the track because it’s classic ELO and what is cool is in the closing coda when the band’s name is spelled out in Morse code. Check it out below:


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