Tuesday Stand Up: Gary Gulman: It’s About Time

Posted: May 10, 2016 in Stand Up Special Review
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gary gulman it's about time.pngIt has been a very long time since the last time I did a Tuesday Stand Up special (not since December), but as promised I have brought it back for all of you. I always try my best to keep all of my promises as best as I can. As usual, I went to my very trusty Netflix service to try and find a special and there it was. It was a brand new special on Netflix from Boston comedian Gary Gulman called Gary Gulman: It’s About Time. This is the second stand up special from Gary to be featured on Netflix with the first one being In This Economy?. In the special, Gary tackles all sorts of subjects like being lazy, Cell Phones not being used as cell phones, not being religious, the bible, Trader Joe’s, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, 100 Calorie Oreos, Boston Accents, shoppers, yea/no, Just Saying, the unwritten rules of the grocery store, yogurt, dopamine, and so much more in this hilarious stand up special.

gary gulmanI have to be honest in saying that I wasn’t too impressed with the special when it first started, but he began to grow on me as it went on. I was a little offended about the Boston accent thing, but that’s comedy. Gary actually makes some brilliant points in his comedy special that you can’t help but laugh with cause you know its true. There is no other way to call what Hitler did other than atrocities, but some people are too dumb to remember that word so they say shenanigans and other words that don’t do it justice. His whole joke on Trader Joe’s was absolutely hilarious as he breaks down how awesome the store is right from the moment you walk in to the moment that you check out. They really are that friendly at Trader Joe’s ( I know from past experience). I also loved the parts when he spoke about religion because the bible contains two stories: the old testament and the new testament. I love how he pointed out that the new testament may just be the greatest sequel ever written. I loved his whole spiel about cell phones and how we don’t use them as phones anymore because it’s so true. He has a way of bringing out the obvious observations of society and he makes them funny. This was a good special from Gary and therefore I will give it an A- for a final grade.


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