YBSC High PlainsFor this week’s album of the week, I am doing something a little different and something I have yet to do for the blog. Back in late February/March, I started a new segment for the blog called Unsigned Band Of The Week and it’s been a cool experience discovering bands I would have otherwise not discovered. One of those bands that I discovered while doing that blog piece is Youngblood Supercult, who come to us from Topeka, Kansas are my first unsigned band that I have covered for Album of The Week. While I was listening to a track on Youtube, their name popped up on the suggestions to the right and their name caught my eye. The band which is made up of Bailey Smith (Guitars), Weston Alford (Drums), and David Merrill (Vocals/Bass) can best be described as kind of a stoner rock/bluesy doom band that would make fans of the genre very happy. I have decided that for this week’s album of the week, I would cover their latest album High Plains which the band released back in February of this year. The album is the band’s follow up to their debut disc Season Of The Witch. The album marks a significant change for the band because of the fact that they have had some member changes since the first record.

ybsc1. Stone Mountain Blues– The band flexes their creative muscles with this awesome blues infused rock instrumental.

2. Monolith– The band lays out a nice juicy, thick doom driven riff with some ominous vocals that are both chilling and beautiful. The track reminds us why we love Black Sabbath and Pentagram. 5/5

3. Nomad– An absolute rocker on the album that grooves and drives that reminds of the stoner rock era C.O.C and The Sword. There’s a kick ass part in the track where the band speeds it up and the track rips. 5/5

4. Before The Dawn– I love the intro to this track with the cool bass line before the band comes charging in with the chugging riffs, this is amazing. I love how the vocals have that reverb to it, very cool effect. 5/5

5. Mind Control– I love the riff to this song, sounds very thick and full and it grooves hard with the blues tones. All of these tracks are hypnotic in nature. 4.5/5

youngblood supercult6. White Nights– A folkier track on the album which is an nice temporary departure from the previous tracks. Very atmospheric and cool 4/5

7. Hell Hath No Fury– Another track that grooves and has spunk as the band rocks out that has Sabbath in it’s blood. 4/5

8. Forefather– I love that during the verses, the song takes a sort of less is more approach which works. One thing to remember though is that these guys can jam and their riffs are excellent. 4/5

9. Black Hawk– While the band proved they can doom it up, they prove on this track that they can speed up the tempo a little and rock out. The vocals are little edgier which is cool too. 4.5/5

10. Acid Tongue– A really heavy track that has a really cool guitar solo that is my favorite part of the track. 4/5

11. Down 75– The band ends the album on the lighter/folkier side once again, but it works. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– I like the New Wave of Doom/Stoner Rock bands that I have seen like Miss Lava, Gorilla Pulp, and of course Youngblood Supercult. You can tell that they are definitely coming into their own and they sound like well oiled machines throughout the record. It just definitely works and it pays off when you listen to this record. These guys need to be signed already!!! I am giving the record 4.5 stars out of five for a final grade. Check them out on Facebook for more info.


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